Following the activities organized by IAS Early Career Scientists Committee in Quebec and Toulouse meetings, in Rome we will offer a wide range of activities (open to all but mainly targeted to scientists at the beginning of their career). They are the followings:

ECS workshop: “How to survive to a review”

Although the manuscript has been hardly prepared, although you double checked your English, although you spent many days working on the last figure, the reviewers always have something to complain. It’s a long way to the top… and how to reach it now? What do the reviewers and the editors expect from your work now? How to deal with all the comments and suggestions in a properly way?

Come to the ECS workshop “How to survive to a review”: our speakers will give you all the answers and all the suggestions you need to improve your way to review your manuscripts. The workshop, free of charge, will be held during meeting days during lunch time.


ECS workshop: “How to prepare your CV (and yourselves) for an application”

Websites are full of job opportunities… but now you found the job you have always dreamt. There is only a gap between you and it: the application. How could you show the commission that you are the right man/woman in the right place? Which are the differences between the academical and the industrial world?

Come to the ECS workshop “How to prepare your CV (and yourselves) for an application” and you will find the right way to valorise your job profile for the application you are looking for.

Two technical training workshops will be organised, mainly (but not only) addressed to Early Career Scientists. They will deal with “How to prepare a successful CV” and “how to survive referee”. The workshop, free of charge, will be held during meeting days during lunch time.


ECS corner

Do you want to briefly show your work? Have you got a brilliant idea to share? Are you looking for a job position and do you want to present your competencies through what you are doing? Come to the ECS corner! Launched for the first time in Québec City 2018, the ECS corner is an open space where PhD students and early career scientists have a microphone, a laptop and 5 minutes to interact with the sedimentological community, showing who they are, what they are doing and discuss their data and ideas.

Thus, we are waiting for you there! But, don’t waste time and express your interest to the ECSC (


ECS field trip

8th to 9th of September, starting from and returning to Rome, the fieldtrip will be organized by Andrea Di Capua (CNR – Milan), Federica Barilaro (Insubria University, Como), Joanna Pszonka (AGH – Krakow), The aims of the ECS fieldtrip is to bring together the next generation of sedimentologists in an interactive tour across different sedimentological topics. From Viterbo to the north, the fieldtrip will briefly explore the power of volcanically-induced sedimentation, the wonderful world of the microbially-induce precipitation of carbonates in continental settings, and the importance of reading deep-water sedimentary systems in one of the richest areas under the historical point of view. A great opportunity of aggregation and discussion, with a night between good food and thermal bath, is waiting for you!

Price: 170€, including transport by bus, a night and a typical Italian dinner, food during the travel.
Minimum: 10 participants, Maximum: 25 participants.


Best Poster Prizes

IAS 34th Meeting will award two best poster prizes, one for Student and one for ECS (i.e. post-doc and researchers with less than 7 years from their PhD).

Those wishing to volunteer for prizes may contact