A6 – Late Quaternary coastal deposits of West Sardinia:
from pocket beaches to barrier-lagoon systems


Stefano Andreucci, University of Cagliari, Italy
Daniele Sechi, University of Sassari, Italy
Vincenzo Pascucci, University of Sassari, Italy
Giulia Cossu, University of Sassari, Italy

Contact person: sandreucci@unica.it, dasechi@uniss.it

Type: Pre-Meeting
Duration: 3 days
Cost: € 380,00
Start: Alghero (7th September 2019 – early morning)
End: Rome (Alghero to Rome – flight included)
(9th September 2019 – late afternoon)

Difficulty level: Low
Participants: min 15 max 24

 A6 - Late Quaternary coastal deposits of West Sardinia | Pre-meeting Trips | IAS 2019 Rome
Pleistocene deposits at “Roman tombs” beach, San Giovanni di Sinis

The field trip will visit stunning exposures along the West coast of Sardinia island. Pocket beaches dominated by sand-and-gravel shallow marine deposits and intertidal algal bindstones along with well-developed sandy strandplain and barrier-lagoon systems will be examined.
Field evidence, existing published information and novel Luminescence dates will provide many opportunities for discussing climate and sea-level variations that have influenced the evolution of West Sardinia since the penultimate Interglacial stage (MIS 7).
First day: we will visit outcrops along the coast from Alghero to Bosa to examine MIS 5 pocket beaches and strandplain systems dominated by sandy-gravelly shallow marine deposits, intertidal algal bindstones, coastal dunes and colluvial/alluvial bodies.
Overnight stay in Bosa.
Second day: A single stop (San Giovanni di Sinis) to visit the most complete Pleistocene succession of West Sardinia where impressive spit and barrier-lagoon systems crops out.
Overnight stay in Alghero.
Third day: A single stop (Rena Majore) to examine a small-incised valley succession characterized by coastal apron-fan (debris-flows and water-flows) systems resting on a pocket beach.
There will be opportunities and time for swimming in a marvellous sea.


West Sardinia, Italy
Alghero, Bosa, San Giovanni di Sinis, Alghero and Rome airport (flight included)
Technical Information

Short easy walks along the NW coast of Sardinia. The September warm climate is cooled by the omnipresent Mistral NW blowing wind, the temperature varies between 30 ºC and 15 ºC. Rare showers may occur. Suggested gears are: wind jacket, trekking shoes, short pant or swimming suite, light back pack, sun and mosquitos protection, sun glasses and hat .